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I don't think it's possible, you can only get a lapras in the Kanto region... I was wondering the same question until I came to this solution.

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Q: Were do you find lapras on Pokemon ruby?
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Where can you find lapras in Pokemon Ruby?

Lapras is a water type of Pokémon which is used by Ash in the Pokémon anime. It is not possible to find one in Ruby. The only way to get one is to trade.

Is lapras in the safari zone in Pokemon ruby?

No, you'll need to trade for it.

Is lapras a wild Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

i am pretty sure it is not and you can't get it to ruby but correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure

How do you find a LAPRAS in Pokemon Diamond?

you need a cheat that can catch a trainer's Pokemon to have lapras. because there is a trainer that has a lapras.

Where can you find a female lapras?

You can find a female Lapras in the same places you can find male ones. If you can't find wild Lapras in your version of Pokemon you can breed a male Lapras with a Ditto for an egg that could possibly hatch into a female Lapras.

Can you catch lapras in Pokemon Gold?

you find lapras in union cave B2 only on fridays

Were can you find Lapras in Pokemon silver?

Union Cave

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Does lapras evolve in Pokemon ruby?

it doesnt evolve in any generation so far hope i helped. by night

Where do you find lapras on Pokemon platinum?

I don't think you can but if you have an Action Replay you could catch the trainers lapras.

What Pokemon evolves into lapras?

in pikachu's jukebox i saw a pokemon evolves into lapras i was not able to see what pokemon that was

What type of Pokemon is lapras?

I believe lapras is a water and ice Pokemon