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If you are doing the Azura's shrine quest, then there should be about four will O the wisp's in that area. Other than the that, the only place I could find the will O the wisp dust or remains was in the imperial market district at the alchemy shops. Hope that helps :)

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Q: Were can you find a will O the wisp on oblivion?
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How do you get gold dust in oblivion?

You have to kill a will-o-wisp.

Where you can find glow of dust in oblivion for ps3?

If you are getting it for the daedric shrine quest there should be a will-o-wisp sowewhere close by the shrine. you need to search it for the dust.

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Can you summon a will o the wisp on Oblivion?

mostly near azuras shrine or in the blackwood forest ps you need to be over level 2 and you need a silver weapon or daedric or a simple killing spell to kill them!

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