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get all 16 badges and beat Pokemon league, go to pewter city, talk to guy next to pokemart, he gives you something, then go to bell tower, hooh is at the top at lv 70

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Q: Were Can you get hoho in soul silver?
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What color is a gs ball in soul silver?

find hoho and then the gs ball is orange apricorn whichis rare

Where do you catch Hoho in Pokemon Silver?

You can catch Hoho at night.

Can you get get hoho as a starter on Pokemon FireRed?

no you can not, you can only get ho-oh in Pokemon heart gold or soul silver, or you can get it in global trade.

What are all of the legendary Pokemon that you can get in soul silver?

Abandoned tower hoho sefoam islands lugia and others hop around

When hoho eskape were you fight them again?

It depends. If it is on Gold, Silver, Firered, leafgreen, or emerald, then no. If it's on Soul Silver or heart gold, then I think it reappears at the tower after a week.

How many Pokemon rare in Pokemon Silver?

there are only 8 rare Pokemon in soul silver (articuno,zapdose,lugia,entay,hoho,rioku,moltress,suikune)

Can you catch hoho in Pokemon soul silver with an ultra ball?

sure you can just got take down his HP and use stragety and you will catch him

Can you refight hoho in Pokemon soul silver?

Yes but you have to redefeat the Elite Four. Once you have done that climb up Bell Tower again and there you will see Ho-Oh

Where do you go after beating all the Kimono Girls?

in heart gold go to top of bell tower you meet hoho in soul silver go to whirl insland get lugia

Where to get hoho in silver?

you will have to trade it from the gold version or your could cheat .:Edit:. If you mean Soul Silver you can get it by getting the rainbow wing from a man standing outside in Pewter city then go to the top of bell tower and catch it. ~Stryyder

Which to buy heartgold or Pokemon SoulSilver?

really it dose not matter because the only different is that in heart gold you will get hoho at lvl 50 and get lugia at lvl 70 and in soul silver you get lugia at lvl 50 and ho ho at lvl 70 and you get groundon at lvl 50 in soul silver and kyogre at lvl 70 and in heart gold kyogre at lvl 50 and groundon at lvl 70 o and one other difference is that you get latios in heart gold and latias in soul silver.

What bell do you need to catch hoho in silver?

u dont. just get the rainbow feather in pewter