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Secret codes are codes that allow you to adopt your Webkinz online. You go to the adoption center on the map if you already have an account, or you click New Member on and follow the instructions provided.

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Q: Webkinz secret codes for the white terrier?
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When is webkinz white terrier the pet of the month?

Febuary 2010

How do you get off a white terrier scooter on webkinz?

You have to click on the scooter.

What is the pet of the month 2010 webkinz in feb?

Its A White Terrier

What is the webkinz pet of the month October 2011?

White Terrier

Webkinz pet of month for February 2010?

A White Terrier

What is a little white dog's secret code in webkinz world?

All Webkinz codes are different, even for the same pet. You would have to go online and search for the animal you want, buy it, and it will come with the secret pet code.

When is the white terrier pet of the month in 2009 webkinz world?

Problay October

Code for the Webkinz white terrier?

there are lots like 28364hgfy but know body know dah

Webkinz secret code for white poodle?

sorry you will just have to buy your own

What are future Webkinz?

Easter duck, snake, kangaroo, pink and white cat, Scottish terrier, and i think there might be an ostrich

What is the secret webkinz code for the husky?

You have to buy a Webkinz Husky and the code is on their tag.

Which Webkinz has a stuffed animal featuring a white dog?

The Webkinz with a soft animal featuring a white dog is called "Trailblazin Terrier Scooter ". Prices start from $8.99 and can be purchased from: Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, to name a few.