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It should be in stores February 2008.

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Q: When will the black and white cheeky dog webkinz be in stores?
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Will the webkinz cheeky-dog ever be in stores again?

No. the cheeky dog will not be in stores because it's retired. unless you are talking about the black and white cheeky dog that is in stores. Improved Answer:Well if you live in mooresville,in then theres a store that has a retired webkinz almost every week they change it

All the Webkinz?

Some of the 1st were the Poodle and Black & White cat. Some retired are Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat. Some new are Peace Unicorn and Sugarplum Cheeky Monkey. Some seasonal are Black Cat and Reindeer. There are a ton of Webkinz and too many to count.

What is a good name for a webkinz cheeky dog?

Webkinz have stopped producing Lil' Kinz as a rule. The only existing Lil' Cheeky animal is the Black and White Cheeky Dog. Making a Lil' Kinz of such a valued pet would make the price of the large-sized ones plummet.

How much is the webkinz black and white cheeky dog worth?

I think it is $15.00 at Jutice in the mall! But that's all I know!

Where in Wisconsin do they sell the webkinz cheeky dog?

nowhere. it has been retired. your best bet is ebay. you might still be able to find the black and white cheeky dog, if that is what you meant, however.

What does the black and white cheeky dog Webkinz look like on the computer?

We Do Not Know Yet , But You Can See It As A Stuffed AnimalI have a regular cheeky dog. I just took the vitural picture and copied it in black and white. I guess that is what it will look like. I really want one.

Is the black and white cheeky dog rare?


What Webkinz is black?

Black Bear, Black & White Cat, Gorilla, Black Lab, Black Friesian, Black Poodle, Black & White Cheeky Dog, Toco Toucan, Silverblack Gorilla, Skunk, Bat, Dachshund, Orca Whale, Black Panther, Bosten Terrier, Signature Panda, Signature Chimpanzee, Lava Dragon, Signature Penguin and Portuguese Water Dog.

Everybody told you that the cheeky dog was the first webkinz is that true?

yes and alsothe: lil Black and White Cat lil Cocker Spaniel lil Black Bear lil Pig Grey and White Cat Unicorn Monkey Black Bear Cow Cocker Spaniel Hippo Lion Golden Retriever Cow Elephant Gold and White Cat Basset Hound St. Bernard Black and White Cat Pig

Where can you buy the Webkinz Black and White Cheeky dog?

# Go to # At the home page, it will have a link that says "Store locator". # Click on that and then find a store near you. # To save time, you can call (they give the phone number) And ask if they have it. They highly recommend it, I highly recommend it but you don't have to. There you go! That's how to find ANY Webkinz!

What month and year is the brown dog Webkinz the Webkinz pet of the month?

is the black and white cat going to be pet of the month in May is the black and white cat going to be pet of the month in May

What is the Webkinz potm for the year?

black and white cat and brown arabian.