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Its a pretty tricky mission. Just shoot randomly at the lights and voila the diamond itelf will come to you

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Q: Walkthrough for panda tactical sniper 2?
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How do you beat level 2 on panda tactical sniper 1?

i Will go to your house and kill you if you ask one more question

What are the level codes for panda sniper 2?

panda jail escape cliff ice build and mini and cores

How do you solve the jail level in Panda Tactical Sniper 2?

First you shoot the bars in front of panda you click the walkie-talkie Then you shoot the other bars and click the walkie-talkie Then you shoot the thing above panda when he was before everything you free Mr black Last you shoot the thing that made the guard come out and click the walkie-talkie

How do you beat stage 1 on SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper?

you have to shoot the knife out of mr. andersons hand

How do you beat ice level on panda tactical sniper 2?

you shoot the bottles to the right side of the screen and then shoot the door above the exit where the guard goes out. then, you shoot the rope above mr. white and shoot the ground where he falls. then you win the mission.

Tactical assassin 2 walkthrough?

if you are looking for cheats, tips, or walkthroughs for any video game is the place to go.

How do you beat tactical sniper 2?

you shoot evrthing including your team mates. then duck there will be a bomb. shoot the guy throwing the bomb. the rest is up to you.

How do you beat level 10 on SWAT 2 tactical sniper?

shoot the wooden pole holding the wooden board up on the left hand side of the gap of the ledge

Is there a walkthrough of the riddle school 2?

yes there is a walkthrough

How do you change guns socom tactical strike psp?

They change automatically due to the environment you are in 1. SMG & shotguns / indoors 2. Assault rifle & MG / outdoors 3. Sniper rifle /Hold Square and highlight sniper 4. AT & RPG/ Hold Square and highlight Rocket Launcher There you go!!!!

What is the walkthrough for ancient artifact 2?

fantagefield at wordpress has Great cheats! Has walkthrough for acient artifact 2.

When is tactical assassin 3 coming out?

there is going to be 2 more tactical assassins coming out. the date is unknown but the new games are called: tactical assassin substratum 2, and tactical assassin 3