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just go to 'OPTIONS' -> 'EMULATION SETUP' -> 'GBA CARTRIDGE BACKUP MEMORY' and pick 128k micromix. (or any other that's about 128k.)

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Q: Vba says exchange backup memory what do you do?
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How do you exchange backup memory on PC fire red No?

For VBA what I did sucked but worked. I deleted my VBA and all my games, made a new VBA and then, before i downloaded a game rom(this is important make sure you do this before downloading pokemon) I went to options save type I put Flash and Flash128k or something like that and i also put in RTC. then I downloaded the game

How do i save Pokemon LeafGreen on the VBA Everytime i try to save it it says Save ErrorPlease exchange the Backup Memory. What is this and how can i counter this and save normally?

first delete the save file. ( .sav ) go to options >emulator >save type> Flash 128k then you should restart the game. this guys right i tried and it now my worries are gone. thnx

When i try to save on Pokemon Fire Red on the VBA it says i need a backup memory how do i get this?

You can't save using the in-game menu when you use an emulator. Instead, and this is for the VBA specifically, go to File > Save Game > and choose the slot you'd like to use. When you want to play the game you saved, open up the game file as per usual and then go to File > Load Game > choose your game.

Can you exchange Pokemon from VBA to Dolphin? cant...they are two separate platforms.

How can you get games on my vba?

You need vba roms from

Your vba won't load your save because of it says unsupported save version 0. How do you fix this?

probably saved with a beta version

What is nogba - vba save file converter?

An alternative emulator to vba.

What is vba emulator?

VBA stands for Visual Boy Advance. The VBA emulator essentially mimics the gameboy advance platform for use on a pc.

Where to get vba rom Pokemon Yellow?

go to and search it in search bar at the top of the website, then click it and scroll to bottom and it says download.

Which is easier Excel VBA or Access VBA?

I would say that there is no differences between Excel VBA and Access VBA. VBA is the acronym for visual basic for application and is the common language for the office suite. Excel vba gives you a native access to excel object (eg a worksheet, a cell, a range, etc.) but object of other applications can be made accessible via configuration (references). Access vba gives you a native access to access object.

I beat the elite four in LeafGreen vba but when the game saves and it restarts it said file deleted?

hey, this is because vba sucks.the memory space is very less so every time u beat the elite four the game will reset. i had the same prob,so i got a hand held.

Where do you buy vba from?

VBA is a free program you can download at either the or Cool