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The prefix olig- comes from the Greek oligos, meaning little or few. Therefore an oligarchy is a government by the elite few, and oligochete worms have relatively few bristles.

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Q: Two word with the prefix olig-o and definition of the word?
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How many syllables are the word prefix?

The word Prefix has two syllables in it.

What is the definition of the prefix bilingual?

Bilingual is an adjective, not a prefix. It literally means two languages. It can refer to people who speak two languages, or types of education where both of two languages are respected, included and fostered within the curriculum.

What is the meaning of the word apart?

The word apart is an adverb. It means to do something separately.

Does the word diverse have a prefix?

di-prefix meaning two, although diverse could be speaking of more than two things

How many syllables are in prefix?

In the word 'prefix'? Two. Pre-fix.

What is the word that have 2 prefix?

The word "misunderstand" has two prefixes: "mis-" and "under-".

Is per a prefix?

Per is a prefix because a prefix is either the first two letters of the word or the first three letters of the word.

What is the prefix of the root word diluvian?

The prefix of the root word "diluvian" is "di-", which means "two" or "double" in this context.

Does bicycle have a prefix or suffix?

Bicycle has a prefix: "bi" meaning 2, but no suffix, the word "cycle" is one word with no prefix or suffix. Therefore, 'bicycle" means 2 cycles, referring to the vehicle's 2 wheels.

Is duo a prefix or a suffix?

"Duo" is a prefix that means "two" or "double." It is typically added to a word to indicate that there are two of something, such as in the word "duo-tone," meaning two tones.

What is the prefix the the word bicycle?

The prefix is "bi." It means "two," referring to the fact that a bicycle has two wheels. The prefix on "tricycle" is "tri," and refers to three wheels.

What is a common two letter word prefix?