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2 languages bi is a prefix which means TWO.

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Q: How many languages does a bilingual person speak?
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How many languages do you speak if you are bilingual?

If the person is bilingual, then that person can speak, write and research in two languages. A multilingual person can speak as many languages that he/she has learned.

How many languages does the average person speak?

Most people in the world are bilingual at least.

How many languages can a bilingual elf speak?

117 languages

How would you explain bilingualism to children?

Just say 'A bilingual person is one who can speak two languages'. In Europe many people are bilingual, a good many speak three or more languages, especially the Dutch.

Who person speak and write many languages?

the person who speaks and write many languages is known as linguist and the person who speaks , write and research is known as bilingual

What do you call a person who can easily learn and speak many languages?

A person who can speak multiple languages is considered to be Multilingual, bilingual (two languages), trilingual (three languages), etc. A name for people who are multilingual and easily learn languages is Polyglot.

What do you call someone who can speak two languages?

Someone who speaks two languages is bilingual, and if they speak two or more languages, they can be called multilingual. Someone who understands many languages can also be said to be a polyglot. A person who can speak two or more languages is multilingual. A person who can speak three languages is trilingual. A person who can speak only one language is monolingual.

What is the word means a person who can speak or write in many different languages?

If they speak two languages, they're generally referred to as bilingual. People who speak more than two can usually be referred to as a linguist.

If you where a polygot what would you be able to do?

A polyglot is a person who can speak 3+ languages. Some Polyglots can speak dozens of languages, while others get by with the minimum of three. If you speak 2 languages you are considered BIlingual but if you speak three or more your are a polyglot. It came from a word which meant "many tonged".

A person who knows many languages?

bilingual for a person who speaks two languages multilingual for a person who speaks more thank two languages variation.

How many languages is bilingual?

None of them.

How do you use multilingual in a sentence?

Many people in Wales are bilingual and speak both Welsh and English but some are multilingual and speak other languages too.

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