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that's easy all you have to do is patch the system and if that don't work reload the game and if you need any nooby quest help im PowerpuffDropOut ^_~

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Q: Trickster can't connect to the server?
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Why cant people connect to your minecraft server?

if you created it right then they have to know you multiplayer server address to get to your multiplayer server

How do you update antivirus from server?

you cant you have to connect to the enternet if you have access

How do you connect to your friends minecraft hamachi server i can connect to the hamachi network but i cant connect to the minecraft server?

Type in the IP address or Hamachi address of your friend's correctly or play the premium Minecraft. Myncraft1: Your friends has to be on (Hamachi) to connect to his server

Why cant you connect to your own server on minecraft?

Type "What is my IP" On google and copy/paste it in your direct connect box if you have your router port forwarded and a server program running on your PC

Why does territory wars online tell me that i cant connect to the server?

Maybe it's your internet?

Why does minecraft pe keep saying cant connect to server?

Low memory space...?

Why cant my friend connect to my minecraft server but you can?

There could be a number of reasons. (A) he/she might be using the browser to try to connect. (B) if it's a public server they might be "whitelisted". (C) not sure bout this one but they may have a mod unsupported by the server. Hope this helps!

What can i do if my handycafe's server browsing but the clients cant connect?

go to your my computer then C:/room/bed/ then praythanks to ace espiridion

Can i connect to counter strike's NON -Steam servers from Counter strike steam version?

No you cant not unless if the server admin is offline

Where can you find the trickster in Pokemon sapphire when he leaves his house?

You cant he is gone from the game.

My cyber cafe's server is browsing but the clients cant connect what can i do?

Check settings for client connections, and check your firewall. Usually good servers have it.

You have installed yahoo messenger but it is not connecting what you should do?

I cant installed yahoo messenger what should to do for isntalled kinly give me the tips to connect the server