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A kettle

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Q: Things in a Kitchen that starts with a K?
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Something you shut that starts with k?

You shut the kitchen door. It starts with the letter k.

What kitchen stuff starts with k?


What is part of house starts with k?


And item in you kitchen that starts with k?

Answer: Knife.

What room start with K?

Kitchen starts with k. It is the room where food is prepared and cooked.

An Occupation that starts with the letter K?

Kitchen Salesman/lady

Something you find in a kitchen that starts with a k?


What starts with k and is related to Thanksgiving?

· kitchen · knife

Things in the kitchen that starts with the letter T?

a kitchen TABLE

What is a word that starts with K that has to do with Alcatraz Al Capone or shirts?


What things can be in a kitchen that starts with N?


What invention starts with the letter K?

Kleenex, kaleidoscope, kitchen sink, kevlar