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Perhaps try doing your own Open University work

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Q: The seaside was never a place of escape - it has always been a place with its own strict codes of behaviour- do you agree?
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What are schools like in Asia?

strict, schools in Asia are very strict, and don't except bad or naughty behaviour.

Were teachers always strict in the colonial times?

Yes they were always strict.

Which warrior caste of japan followed a strict code of behaviour?

i think its the samurai

Are fathers always strict?

No, my father is not strict!Well, not most of the time... not much at all-

What are some different uses of the term 'strict'?

In general, if something is 'strict', it is regarded as severe and authoritarian. For example, a parent could have strict disciplinary standards for their children; or a schoolteacher could be strict with regards to the behaviour of the children under him/her. The term can also mean that a person closely follows or adheres to some principles - for example, a "strict vegan" might be one who adheres very closely to his practices of not eating animal products.

Who was corporal turnbull?

Corporal Turnbull was a young army officer. He was a strict disciplinarian and entertained no frivolous behaviour from the trainees. He was very tough and strongly built.

How did the Spaniards foil the girls' escape plans?

The Spaniards foiled the girls' escape plans by monitoring their movements closely, implementing strict surveillance measures, and ensuring that any attempted escape routes were blocked or guarded. They also instilled fear in the girls by threatening severe consequences for those who tried to escape.

Are only children spoiled?

Not always. I had a friend who was an only child and her parents were very strict.

Would you think anything of two coworkers of opposite sex sharing a lollipop for medicinal purposes Both are just friends and are in relationships?

All "I" would think is that it's not a very healthy practise.... swapping germs with a friend can carry all sorts of health implications. However, there are others who will always see any behaviour of friends of opposite sex in a bad light, and will condemn it. Some people have very strict and strange ideas about what is 'proper' behaviour.

In Victorian England what was polite behavior?

Well, for rich people, it was about not showing emotion and stuff, you could smile and stuff but not extremes.

What is your cancellation and/or refund policy in escape room Ventura harbor?

We have a strict NO refund policy. The escape room Ventura harbor is the best way to spend an adventurous vacation. Quick! Book your tickets online to experience the maximum fun!

Is your mum and dad very strict?

Yes they are, But they both love me alot and they want i am always respect every one and always do right thing.