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Cortisis or something

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Q: The cheat for unlimited health on the force unleashed?
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Is there an unlimited health cheat on force unleashed psp?


What is the unlimited health cheat for the force unleashed?

There isn't an "unlimited health" cheat but there is an invincibility cheat. Type in "CORTOSIS" as a cheat code, and you get god mode (which is basically invincibility).

What is the password for the force unleashed ultimate Sith edition?

type in these codes: unlimited health= roger unlimited force=forcefull

What cheat do you put in for unlimited heath on Star Wars the force unleashed?

The code for Invincibility is Cortosis.

How do you get unlimited force on Star Wars the force unleashed 2?

I have star wars the force unleashed 2. You can't get unlimited force but it takes a long time to drain it. I have it for PlayStation 3 You have to upgrade all your force powers to get unlimited force.

What is the cheat to be invincible on force unleashed?


Is there a cheat for all levels in Star Wars the Force Unleashed?


How do you get Darth Maul on Star Wars the force unleashed?

There is no cheat for that.

What is the invicibility cheat for the force unleashed xbox360?

put in IPH4I1A71IFE

Force unleashed invincibility?

use cheat code cortosis

Cheat coads for star wars the force unleashed?

Cheat codes that I know:CortosisCountdookuLightsaberSpeederVergenceKatarnand I think there are more.

Star wars Force unleashed cheat codes?

If there are any, will have them.