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staraptor is best if you want alot of flying moves - catch starly but crobat can learn fly and get more varied moves (ghost,bug) - catch zubat and beautifly or dustox can fly and have varied moves also - catch wurmple

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Q: The best flying type Pokemon in platinum?
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What do you after you beat the Pokemon flying gym leader in Pokemon Platinum?

None of the gym leaders use Flying-type pokemon. If you want to face a Flying-type gym, you can battle against Winona in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and the ORAS remakes. She’s located on the southwestern side of Fortree.

Which type of attack is best ground electric flying or fighting in Pokemon Platinum?

depends what your fighting, if ground use flying, if electric use fighting, if fighting use fighting

Which is best dark type Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?


What is the best Pokemon to defeat staravia in Pokemon platinum?

Well, I know for sure ice, electric and rock are weak to flying type (since staravia is a flying type). So i'd rather use rock, electric and ice to defeat staravia.

What are the best Pokemon for the 4th gym on Pokemon platinum?

id say try psychc and flying type moves. get a starly and evolve it or get a porygon the porygon doesnt work mate

What type is rock super effective against in Pokemon platinum?

Rock type moves are super-effective against fire, bug, flying and ice type pokemon.

What Pokemon does cryus have at the spear place?

You fight him in the Distortion World but only in Pokemon Platinum. His Pokemon are: Houndoom Lv45 Type Dark Fire, Gyarados Lv46 Type Water Flying, Weavile Lv48 Type Dark Ice, Crobat Lv46 Type Poison Flying, Honchkrow Lv47 Type Dark Flying.

What beats fighting type Pokemon?

Physic or Flying, but id choose flying because they r easier to train up . I beat the Veilstone City Gym Leader in Diamond / Pearl & Platinum with Fighting & Flying types.

Whats the best flying type in Pokemon ruby?


What is the best flying type Pokemon in Johto?

I don't preferably like legendaries, but Lugia is definitely the best flying type in the onto region

What is the best type attack in Pokemon platinum?

its either hyperbeam or heatwave

What is the best water type Pokemon on platinum?

Milotic. Enough said