Sun stone in Pokemon Crystal

Updated: 4/28/2022
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win first place in the bug catching contest

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Q: Sun stone in Pokemon Crystal
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How do you find a sun stone in Pokemon liquid crystal?

There are stone sellers for moon, fire, sun, thunder and water stones in Pokemon Liquid Crystal. The stone sellers for sun stones can be found in the Olivine lighthouse from a geek.

What is the difference between moon stone and sun stone in crystal?

a moon stone can change a Pokemon to a darker form at night and a sun stone can change a Pokemon to light during the day this only works with certain Pokemon like eevee though

How do you catch sunflora in Pokemon sapphire version?

you trade sunkern from Pokemon gold/silver/crystal and evolve it with a sun stone

What Pokemon evolves from the sun stone in crystal?

Namely 2 Pokemons sunkern---->sunflora gloom---->bellossom

What is the hard stone in Pokemon Crystal?

Pokemon crystal? Pokemon Diamond it's a stone dice that powers up rock type moves.

How do you get bellosem in Pokemon Crystal version?

Evolve using a sun stone where you can get if you win first prize in the bug catching contest

Where do you get a moon stone in Pokemon Crystal?


Can you find a sun stone in Pokemon Red?

no. the sun stone was introduced in Pokemon gold and silver.

What Pokemon when you use a sun stone from a sun stone?

use it on sunkern

What pokemon will evolve with a sun stone?

gloom elvolves with sun stone

How do you evolve poliwirl in Pokemon Crystal?

water stone

How do you find water stone on pokemon liquid crystal?

Pokemon Liquid Crystal is not a game. However, in Pokemon Crystal, one can find a water stone on Route 25, along with most other evolutionary stones available within the game.