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There are only two codes that are pre-set into action replays. One to give you max-cash and the other to give you unlimited conversation time.

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Q: Some action replay codes for your my sims ds?
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Are there any action replay codes for your sims ds?


What are some action replay codes for ds for the sims 2 castaway?

=== === === === (copy and then paste in URL box)

Are there any Action Replay codes for The Sims 2 on the PlayStation 2?

Hello I have no idea

The sims 2 apartment pets action replay codes?

Max cash 036f20ab 063cd09a

Are there any really good action replay codes for My Sims Kingdom?

srry but i dont know any

How do i get Naruto clothes on the sims 2 for ps2?

Action Replay for PlayStation 2. If doesn't have the codes and stuff then search the web for them

Can you cut the bleeps out of sims busting out when their naked?

The ONLY way i know is to get action replay for the wii (which comes with action replay for GC) and the select "sims bustin' out" the select no censors

Is there an action replay cheat for your Sims Kingdom?

yesthere is a few cheats for my sims kingdom. But there is only a few that work without a action replay or game shark. I would try or go to google and type in cheats for my sims kingdom.

What are lots of your Sims cheats for the action replay?

you could look up the cheats at

Action Replay cheats?

The Action Replay DS is a cheating device for the Nintendo DS. You have the ability to add, delete, and modify codes that allow you to change the aspects of the game. For example, some codes could be "Unlimited Heath" or "100% Game Completed". You can buy this product at your local electronics store or online, and usually costs around $20 - $30.

Is there a code for cutting the censor bar on The Sims 2 for the GameCube Or an Action Replay Code?

no but there is downloads

How do you type in cheats on My Sims DS?

You have to get a action relplay to type in the cheat codes in Zelda phantom hourglass into your DS.