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You don't need any additional software, just purchase and download games from the DSi shop.

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Q: Software for downloading ds games onto a sd card for play on dsi?
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Do you have to pay for downloading games onto the DSi?

if it is dsi ware yes

How do you put WiFi games onto a SD card on the wii?

How do you get games off the enternet onto a sd card

How do you make a Nintendo 3DS game?

Question:Once you own a R4 game card you download some software from the official site and copy that onto a micro SD card. A micro SD card reader comes with the R4 card.After copying across the software you transfer the NDS ROM for games you own onto the micro micro SD into the game card, place game card into the NDS and play all your games from one easy place

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How do you download ds games onto edge sd card please idiot proof answer my games appear as rar files the software is there but the game are not in the directory help?

you have to download winrar or zip and extract them then put the .nds file in the folder

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