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Q: Should you let your 14 year old son play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 if You think he is mature and almost all of his friends have it?
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Does soap die in modern warfare 2?

No. Almost. General Shepard beats him up pretty bad and stabs him with a knife, but he dies in modern warfare 3. WHY DOSE HE NEED TO DIE?! WAWAWAWAWAWA!

How do you make call of duty modern warfare 2 system link 4 players on two xbox 360s no live?

There is almost no point just sign in all 4 controlers on the same XBOX 360 and Pow! you have 4 player

How do you put on camo in call of duty modern warfare 2?

You cannot put on camo, but if you equip a gun from the Sniper Rifle section your character will be wearing a Ghillie suit, which provides better camouflage than standard clothes/outfits do on almost every map. but if you get a certain amount of headshots you get camo for guns!

Do people still play Pokemon?

Almost all of my friends play Pokemon. It's still a big fad. I'm obsessed with Pokemon and I play as often as I can. So yes.

What are mods in games?

Mods are edits in the games original coding to enhance gameplay or for a player to gain an advantage over other players making the experience unfair. Mods are illegal in some games but in others such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the PC mods are encouraged and a dedicated server is running for these modded maps/weapons etc. to be played by other players. Okay, let's make this clear. Mods aren't illegal in games and most mods add additional functionality as opposed to simply changing the existing code. Mods are almost never done at a code level anyway, but at a scripting level instead. In multiplayer games, mods would generally get you banned from servers they're not allowed in, but most games that support mods are clever enough to load mods and unload them as appropriate. Let's also be clear about Modern Warfare. Whilst it certainly supports mods, it never truly encouraged them, as it took many updates to even allow options to show modded servers in the serverlists.

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Did call of duty modern warfare 2 sell out on the first day?

No it almost did though.

Does soap die in modern warfare 2?

No. Almost. General Shepard beats him up pretty bad and stabs him with a knife, but he dies in modern warfare 3. WHY DOSE HE NEED TO DIE?! WAWAWAWAWAWA!

In call of duty modern warfare 2 does soap die?

Almost but no he got knifed by sheperd

Is there a computer modern warfare game and if-so can you have the sites?

No There are not any sites you could play that modern warfare 3 but theres a game that almost like modern warfare 3 but you lvl up and have to pay real money if you want good gun and its called Combat Ams or CA.Hope This Game Is Fun...=)

Will modern warfare 2 be on Wii?

no I heard this on a websit called IGN check it out 4 urself, Than again, there is a good chance it would be on the Wii, I would most likely come out for the Wii on some form but it's almost certain. Most Nintendo Wii users think that Modern Warfare Reflex Edition is a Modern Warfare game like COD 4. It is not really Treyarch had to make it for Infinity Ward and they released it with Modern Warfare 2. How can they make a Modern Warfare 2 for you guys when they have not made the first game. The game you should have been asking for was Modern Warfare Reflex Edition 2 and hoped that it would be released with the MW3 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 8 2011.

Is the scar good in modern warfare 2?

Yes. Almost every aspect of it is good besides the magazine size, and perhaps reload.

What happen to ramirez you modern warfare 2?

omg. didnt u see ramirez and ghost died cuz of stupid Shepard. someone shot ramirez and Shepard shot ghost epically. Shepard put them on fire! i almost cried that time c.o.d. modern warfare player234

What to say to your best friends?

If you are best friends, you should be able to say almost anything to each other.

How many people have the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

7.5 million just for the Xbox 360 system and almost another 5 million for the PS3

What does lightweight pro give you on Modern Warfare 2?

It gives you the ability to aim down your weapon faster after running. Almost the same as sleight of hand pro.

Why is Modern Warfare 3 rated for Drug Reference?

I'm almost certain that is is the characters smoking a cigarette. There aren't any drugs like cocaine or anything. :)

Are they making Call of Duty 7?

There will almost certainly be another Call of Duty game. I doubt it will be called "CoD 7" though, the last CoD game with a number in the title was CoD 4. Modern Warfare 2 is the sixth game in the CoD series and is the direct sequel to CoD 4 so it would be confusing to continue numbering the titles. Who makes the next game and whether or not it is WW2 or "modern" based is any ones guess. I would predict there will eventually be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2 judging by the end of the single player campaign and the success of the Modern Warfare brand. I also predict it will be called Modern Warfare 3.