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If you want to play it, then go ahead!

The game was written in Java, so all you need is the Java VM, acquired when you install Java.

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Q: Should you download minecraft on the iMac?
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Why does your iMac reboot when you play minecraft?

I own an iMac and don't have that error. This should no happen and you should look into memory allocation before you next start it up.

Can the imac g5 play Minecraft?

Im thinking of buying a imac g5 but I don't know if I can run Minecraft on it

How can do you get Minecraft onto your computer to play it?

On the minecraft homepage click on the download button below the buy now button and then select the client you have (Windows, Mac etc) then download it, run it and it should download minecraft.

Can you play minecraft on an iMac 2012 without slowing it down?

Yes, the iMac is more then capable of playing Minecraft. It's the internet connection speed that will be the bottle neck when playing multiplayer.

Where you download Minecraft?

You can download Minecraft from

How much money is it to download Minecraft?

i should be free on the internet

How can you install Minecraft 1.6.2?

You'll have to go to the Minecraft site and click Download and re-download. The new update for 1.6.2 updates the launcher for Minecraft, making a new download required. So head onto their site and download it. It should automatically update after that.

How do you download broderbund for imac?

Click the link

How do you download Minecraft 1.9?

Well,when you log into your minecraft account,it should just pop up asking: Do you want to download minecraft 1.9? And then Yes or No. Click Yes. You have to be online to update i think though...

How do you download Minecrafts demo for free?

Well, you can not technically download a Minecraft Demo, but you can still play the free version of Minecraft (classic version) at the homepage of the official Minecraft website.......... It should be under the "download game" button on the homepage. Have Fun :D

How can you download pictures from your old blackberry curve to your iMac?

you should be able to just plug it in through USB and transfer the files.

Can you download Minecraft to Wii?

yes you can download minecraft but its not free fo game