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Q: Should grade reflect absolute achievement level or achievement relative to others in the same class?
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Should grades reflect absolute achievement or achievement relative to others in the same class?


Should grades reflect absolute achievement level or achievement relative to others in the same class?


What are the four essential questions in grading provided by Svinicki?

d grades reflect absolute achievement level or achievement relative to others in tte same class?

Should grades reflect achievement only or nonacademic components such as attitude speed and diligence?

Unless a grade reflects solely academic achievement it is devalued as an indicator of achievement. If a grade for 'citizenship' is desired it should be a separate mark.

How do you write K23 as a absolute reference?

K23 is a relative reference. For example: =K23*10

What is difference between absolute permittivity and relative permittivity of medium?

Absolute permittivity is a measure of a material's ability to store electrical energy in an electric field, while relative permittivity is a ratio of the absolute permittivity of a material to the absolute permittivity of a vacuum. Relative permittivity indicates how well a material can store electrical energy compared to a vacuum.

What is absolute error formula?

Absolute and Relative Error Absolute and relative error are two types of error with which every experimental scientist should be familiar. The differences are important. Absolute Error: Absolute error is the amount of physical error in a measurement, period. Let's say a meter stick is used to measure a given distance. The error is rather hastily made, but it is good to ±1mm. This is the absolute error of the measurement. That is, absolute error = ±1mm (0.001m). In terms common to Error Propagation absolute error = Δx where x is any variable. Relative Error: Relative error gives an indication of how good a measurement is relative to the size of the thing being measured. Let's say that two students measure two objects with a meter stick. One student measures the height of a room and gets a value of 3.215 meters ±1mm (0.001m). Another student measures the height of a small cylinder and measures 0.075 meters ±1mm (0.001m). Clearly, the overall accuracy of the ceiling height is much better than that of the 7.5 cm cylinder. The comparative accuracy of these measurements can be determined by looking at their relative errors. relative error = absolute error value of thing measured or in terms common to Error Propagation relative error = Δx x where x is any variable. Now, in our example, relative errorceiling height = 0.001m 3.125m •100 = 0.0003% relativeerrorcylinder height = 0.001m 0.075m •100 = 0.01% Clearly, the relative error in the ceiling height is considerably smaller than the relative error in the cylinder height even though the amount of absolute error is the same in each case.

Is it possible to calculate the coefficient of variation using relative values instead of absolute values?

The coefficient of variation should be computed only for data measured on a ratio scale, as the coefficient of variation may not have any meaning for data on an interval scale. Using relative values instead of absolute values can cause the formula to give an incorrect answer.

How do you get up close and personal achievement in Halo 3?

You get beat down kills. If you check the achievement it should tell you what to do.

What is absolute cost?

Absolute cost should be well elaborated in the dictionary

How is relative location different from absolute location?

Relative location is a valid concept, whereas absolute location is a term made up by people who choose to ignore the inherently relative nature of coordinate systems. Statements such as "The absolute location of St. Louis Missouri 38°43' North 90°14' West" have been used to illustrate what an absolute location is. However, there are implicit words in this sentence, words which are omitted because it would be superfluous to say it every time when quoting coordinates. A fuller version of this sentence would be:-"St. Louis Missouri is 38°43' North of the equator and 90°14' West of the prime meridian"Putting aside definitions of degrees, minutes, north, west, equator and prime meridian (all of which need a precise definition to find St. Louis Missouri), it can clearly be seen that this location is defined relative to something else (i.e., the equator and the prime meridian). Hence, this is a relativelocation.It is impossible to define a location in a useful way without reference to some coordinate system. Whether the origin of this coordinate system is your house (as in "The ice cream parlor is 4 blocks NW of my house") or the crossing of the equator and the prime meridian (as in "The ice cream parlor is located at 38°43' N 90°14' W), or even relative to yourself (as in "I am in the ice cream parlor"), you are always defining the location relative to something.Even a street address is a relative location: it is a location relative to the arbitrary naming and numbering system imposed by the local planning authority.Though the term absolute location has been demonstrated to be relative in nature, there is a fairly clear difference in absolute and relative location in practical application. They should remain "separate" in light of the way we use them. We might be better off talking about this through the use of a couple of examples. If we set up a gun to lob shells on a fortified position and we dig in exactly south of the target, we point the barrel north. If we set up west of the target, the barrel points east. We do this because of the concept of relative location. And don't even think of trying to give driving directions to someone using absolute locations. You'll only confuse the issue. But if we are orienteering, we need to differentiate absolute locations from the relative locations that will allow us to plot courses to objectives. A smart munition like a cruise missile does this automatically. It has been given an absolute location for a target, and gets its own absolute location via GPS. It then finds its relative location and plots a course.Though absolute location is really relative, they are distinct terms that each have valid applications in the real world. And, though the idea that absolute location is really relative is one we should be familiar with, we would be wise to "keep 'em separated" and be capable of using them independently of each other, and thus correctly.

Should a person's salary reflect his or her value in society?

Possibly. If the person is a public employee, otherwise it should reflect his or her values to their employer.