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First start Pillar of Autumn on rally point bravo. When you start on the walkway go down the left staircase and take a left to the armory of weapons. Without going in there go behind the building and there should be a UNSC symbol on the wall. If you hit the wall then a hidden ammo cache should come out. In that ammo cache you will find a DMR, a shotgun grenade launcher and a magnum. If this guide didn't help you then go to and go to halo reach, then look for the video that Say's ''Halo Reach Hidden Ammo Cache Easter Egg'' And FYI Achievement Hunter is know to do all achievement guides and were every Easter egg is. It also created the famous web series Red vs. Blue.

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Q: Where is the hidden stash on halo reach?
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No. You are given them all.

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There are no skulls in Halo Reach.

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Yes but it's an Easter egg hidden in the new Alexandria mission