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Q: Sentence Starters are tools for .?
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How do you use flippant in a sentence?

As a noun for starters.

What are some good claim sentence starters?

Some good claim sentence starters include: "It is evident that...", "Research suggests that...", "It can be argued that...", or "Studies have shown that...".

What are sentence starters?

In journalism, who, why, what, when and where are often used as words that start sentences.

What is a sentence starter?

A sentence starter is the first few words of a sentence that help begin and introduce the rest of the sentence. It sets the tone, provides context, or transitions from the previous sentence. Sentence starters can vary in formality and function depending on the context of the writing.

What are some good topic sentence starters?

You start your topic sentence with whatever word makes the most sense!

How do you use sundial in a sentence?

Well, for starters you just used sundial in a sentence. But another sentence could be... Sundials help you tell time.

What are jump starters used for?

Jump starters are used to jump start a car when the engine will not start by itself. It is a common reason for car breakdowns and all breakdown companies have jump starter tools.

What is an exposition sentence starter?

Sentence starters for expositions are: Firstly... For Instance... Secondly... Thirdly... Lastly... In Conclusion... for instance. I would suggest that...

What is the part of speech of as a sentence?

"As" can serve as a conjunction, preposition, or adverb in a sentence, depending on its function.

Can you give me sentence in tools-cobbler?

the cobbler's tools is very dirty

What different sentence starters could you use?

Once upon a time, One Morning and more...

What sentence starters start with y?

Yesterday, Yearly, You, Yacht, yap, your, yank, yak, yacked