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the code is only for us the code is 42024AA4FFFF 000000020002

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Q: Pokemon ruby infinite pp code action replay?
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Is there a code for the action replay to get infinite money on Pokemon diamond?

yes so get action replay now!

How do you get infinite hp ups in Pokemon diamond with action replay?

its impossible unless you have action replay. theres a code in that will help you

What is the AR code for infinite eevee eggs on Pokemon diamond?

Here is an action replay code for infinite Eevee eggs on Pokemon Diamond. 83007CEE0086 is the code and it has been tested and verified to work.

How to get infinite ultra balls on Pokemon XD gale of darkness not gameshark or action replay code?

you cant

What is cheat code to get infinite master balls on Pokemon fire red?

There is none you can use an action replay

Is there a code to undo a shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

yes you can get shiny Pokemon with action replay

How do you get all Pokemon with a action replay code in Pokemon white?

There is no Action Replay code that automatically gives you all the Pokemon.

What is the action replay code for zoara in Pokemon Platinum?

Your friend code backward. There is no action replay code for Zoara in Pokemon Platinum.

Is there a code action replay to get Pokemon that are rare in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, you can use the Pokemon Modifier code. Get it by updating your Action Replay via the Action Replay Manager if you haven't already.

How do you get infinite ginseng on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

You cant. only with action replay. I dont know the code though

What is the Pokemon Ranger action replay code for infinite Styler energy?

5228e920 0228ecec 2228e93c 00000063 d2000000 00000000

How do you get infinite master balls for Pokemon heartgold?

well you can but you need to use the action replay to or else it is impossilble cuz there is a code to get 900 master balls (remember you need a action replay)