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grotle learns mega drain at level 27

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Q: Pokemon platinum when does grotle learn mega drain?
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What moves do tertwig grotle and tortera learn on Pokemon pearl?

moves like curse bite earthquake razor leaf chomp grass hammer giga drain drain health mega drain and more!

At what level do Grotle learn Leaf Storm on Pokemon Platinum Mines lvl 52 and haven't learned it yet?

It should learn it at level 52, if you evolve it, Torterra laerns it at level 57.

What level does grotle learn crunch in platinum?

Grottle learns crunch at Lv42. Torterra will learn it at Lv45 if you want Grottle to evolve

Gow do you beat frosslas on Pokemon platinum with a lvl 50-60 torterra?

At level 32(when it evolves from grotle) it will try to learn earthquake. This is super effective and will be almost a one hit KO!

What Pokemon can learn flash in platinum?

all the Pokemon on dimmond that can learn flash can still learn flash in the platinum game too

When Does grotle learn energy ball?

Grotle cannot learn Energy Ball naturally and needs TM 53 to learn it.

On which level does Grotle learn Bite?

GROTLE learns bite at lv.25.GROTLE evolves into a TORTERRA

Is there a place on Pokemon platinum that tells you the moves your Pokemon will learn?


What Pokemon can learn vacuum wave in Pokemon platinum?


Can grotle learn frenzy plant?

No, only fully-evolved grass starters can learn Frenzy Plant. You would have to evolve your Grotle into Torterra to learn it.

Where Do You Get Ancient Power Pokemon Platinum?

its a move your Pokemon might learn

How do you learn surf on Pokemon platinum?

Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.