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its a move your Pokemon might learn

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Q: Where Do You Get Ancient Power Pokemon Platinum?
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How can you receive the Ancient Power TM in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no Ancient Power TM in Pokemon Platinum, It can only be taught by leveling up, Move tutoring or by learning it from a Pokemon from an egg.

Where can you buy ancient power on Pokemon platinum?

You can't buy it, it comes with a pokemon.

When does Tangela learn Ancient Power in Pokemon platinum?

level 33

How does pillowswine evolve in Pokemon platinum?

You need to teach Piloswine Ancient Power.

Pokemon platinum what lv does yanma evolve?

when get attack Ancient power.(lv33)

How do you get ancient power on Pokemon platinum?

There are two pokemons that have this move: Togepi and giratina.

How do you evolve a Piloswine on Pokemon Platinum?

Teach it the move ancient power and then level it up

Does yanma envlove in Pokemon Platinum?

At level 32 after teaching it the move ancient power.

How does yamma evolve in pokemon platinum?

By level up while knowing Ancient Power.

How do you get a tangala to evolve in Pokemon platinum?

level it up to level 32 i think and have it learn ancient power

When does piloswine evolve on Pokemon platinum?

You must learn it Ancient Power and then you level it up. Then it evolves into Mamoswine.

What moves does dialgia have in Pokemon platinum?

Heal Block, Roar of time, Ancient power and Dragon claw.