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First, you have to have the HM surf. Then you go down the path heading away from Floaroma Town to the side. Go on the bridge and surf up the river. Keep on Surfing until you see a factory type thing. That's Fuego Ironworks. You won't see the factory from the river. you'll see a honey tree and some tall grass.

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Q: Pokemon platinum how to get to fuego ironworks?
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How do you get to the Fuego ironworks in FireRed?

The Fuego Ironworks are in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Where can you find a Magmar on Pokemon Platinum?

At Fuego Ironworks

How do you catch magmar in Pokemon platinum?

in the fuego ironworks

How do you get flameflower in Pokemon platinum?

You can find it in Fuego Ironworks. :)

Where is magmar's location in the Pokemon platinum?

in front of the fuego ironworks

Where to find a magnimite in Pokemon platinum?

in front of fuego ironworks

Where to find a magnetime in Pokemon platinum?

Fuego Ironworks Route 222

Where is fuego ironworks Pokemon?

In Floaroma town in Pokemon (Games) Diamond,Pearl and Platinum.

In Pokemon platinum where do you find aron?

You go to Fuego ironworks then use the poke radar there and it should appear in the grass.

Can you catch magmar on Pokemon platinum?

Yes, you can catch Magmars in the Fuego Ironworks.

Where can you get aron on Pokemon platinum?

You'll find it in Fuego Ironworks, must use the Pokeradar.

Were does magmar live in Pokemon platinum?

Its found at the Fuego Ironworks without using pokeradar