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What is a red chain?

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Q: Pokemon platinum cheat for red chain?
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How do you get a Mewtwo in Pokemon platinum?

The Pokemon modifier cheat on the Action Replay or migrate it from Fire Red or Leaf Green to Pal Park on Platinum.

How do you get the red chain in Pokemon Platinum?

The red chain was a beta item, and it is not possible to get it in game. The item does exist, however, and you can obtain it through AR/pokesav (create a Pokemon holding it and use the GTS exploit.) There is no purpose for this item.

Where can you get the item red chain in Pokemon platinum?

Just play through the game and follow the'll get it when the time is right.

How do you get the red chain on platinum?

you dont get it

Where to get red chain in platinum?

you go to mt.coronet

Pokemon platinum how to get Charmander?

You can not get him by just catching him in the game, but you can migrate him up from Fire Red, and Leaf Green. Also, you can buy an Action Replay and cheat to get him.

How do you get to Island 8 on Pokemon Fire Red without having to cheat?

you have to get the boat pass from a Nintendo event. none are going on ATM and the ones that aregoin to happen are going to be Pokemon platinum

Where to get rope climb on Pokemon Platinum?

Get pokemon red

How do you find bulbosaur on Pokemon Platinum?

Well, technically it's impossible unless you use a cheat. But if you have Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green then you can migrate one over (only if you have the National Dex). There is only one other way to get a Bulbasaur on Pokemon Platinum. If there is a GLITCH then you can get one.

Are female Pokemon Red in platinum?

No. They are not.

Cheat code for Pokemon FireRed protein?

pokemon fire red protien cheat

What does the red chain do in Pokemon fire red?

Why would it do somthing in fire red? the red chain is from the ds game Pokemon fire red is a gba