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Q: Pokemon list for evaloution Pokemon Pearl?
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What is the evolution list in Pokemon pearl?

you dont

Can you get a boyfriend in diamond and pearl?

there is no list of "bfs" in Pokemon diamond and pearl but you can make freinds

All of the Pokemon in pearl?

Since there is quite a lot of Pokemon in Pearl, go to On the left hand side under Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, click Pokedex and there will be a full list under.

Is there a list of Pokemon for pearl version on ds?

Yes, in the pokedex

Is there a list for nicknames in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond?

no in any form of the qwestion

Where can you find a list of mystery gift events for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? has a list for every game

Is there a Pokemon Pearl cheat to get a Latios Latias Celebi Kyogre and Rayquaza?

Not that I know of, the best place to look is a Pokemon Pearl Action Replay cheat list.

Is there a list of all of the Swarm Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Of course! Try going to, click on the Diamond/Pearl under the Games on the left side, and find Swarming on the right side of the nest screen. there are 29 different kinds of swarming Pokemon in Pokemon pearl and Pokemon diamond

List of Pokémon in Pokemon platinum?

first, try asking a question, second, all the same Pokemon in diamond and pearl

What are all Pokemon that are not legendary available to catch in Pokemon Pearl?

I could tell you all the Pokemon in pearl that are not legendary but there are about 482 of them. :) ____________________ hi, I'm the person that asked thiS, but, can you list the rare ones then?? also, can i find ditto??

Where to download action replay for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

go to and search Pokemon diamond.(or pearl) you will click on the right game after you search it and there will be a list on the left side of the page. Click action replay codes and there should be a huge list of codes!!!

Pokemon ds pearl Where is Pokemon 46?

Paras is number 46 on the pokedex list. you can get it in fire red/leaf green at mt moon or the safari zone. then trnsfer it over to your Pokemon pearl via pal park.