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Use your Wailmer pail and water it. Then click on it to battle. But be careful! This is the only Sudowoodo in the game! You've 1 chance to catch it! So save before battling it!

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Q: Pokemon emerald at battle frontier how do you get the sudowoodo to move?
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What is the rare Pokemon by the battle frontier Pokemon Emerald?


What rare Pokemon can you catch in battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

you can catch sudowoodo and smeargle

How do you get sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?

Sudowoodo can be found after you defeat the elite four. Sudowoodo is located at south-eastern area of the Battle Frontier.

Can you find a legendary Pokemon in the Battle Frontier in Emerald?

If you count sudowoodo as a legendary then yes

How do you catch Sudowoodo on Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't, you either have to trade a purified Sudowoodo from Pokemon Colosseum or trade the one you catch in the Battle Frontier from Emerald.

How do you take away sudowoodo in battle frontier in emerald?

Use the wailmer pail on it it will attack you make sure you catch it only emerald and Pokemon colosseum can get a sudowoodo.

What wild Pokemon are in the battle frontier?

at the battle frontier there is only smeragle 40-50 and a sudowoodo on 50 actually sudowoodo is lvl 40 at the battle frontier

What Pokemon is the wiggly tree at the battle frontier in emerald?

it's a sudowoodo, water it with the wailmer pail, get that in rustboro flower shop

What Pokemon are catchable at the battle frontier?

sudowoodo and smeargle

Where do you find Sudowoodo?

It's only available in Emerald Version at the Battle Frontier.

Does the battle frontier help your pokedex in emerald?

Yes 'cause you can get Sudowoodo and Smeargle.

Where do you get wild Pokemon at the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald?

There is a sudowoodo to the right of the battle palace near it is some water you can surf on go down and into the cave this is artisan cave the only Pokemon that is found here is smeargle other then that you can't find any other Pokemon in the frontier.