Pokemon dimand what is number 139?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Pokemon diamond number 139 is Milotic.

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Q: Pokemon dimand what is number 139?
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What is Pokemon number 139 on Pokemon Diamond?

That depends. In the Sinnoh Pokedex, #139 is Milotic. In the National Pokedex, #139 is Omastar.

Where is dimand found?

Behind Dialga when u beat him (only in Pokemon Dimand)

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is 139?

If you have the sinnoh pokedex, number 139 is milotic(milotic evolves from feebas). If you have the national pokedex, number 139 is omastar(omastar evolves from omanyte).

How do you become a Pokemon Ranger in Pokemon dimand?

You can't.

What are the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon dimand?

Onux are rare ?

Is mewthree in Pokemon dimand?

There is no Mewthree

How do you get to do events in Pokemon dimand?

sure can

In Pokemon diamond What is number 139?

139: Milotic, MUST evolve a feebas by maxing beauty condition

What pokemon is number 139 in Pokemon Platinum?

Omastar in the National Dex

Where do you find and what is Pokemon number 46 in Pokemon dimand?

If you mean in the sinnoh pokedex than it is WORMADAM If you mean the national pokedex than it is PARAS

How do you catch a chansy on Pokemon dimand?

Is there a mystry gift for Pokemon dimand?