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You can battle Wally a second time after defeating the Pokemon League.

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Q: Pokemon Ruby - how long before i can battle Wally again on victory road?
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Pokemon Ruby - how long before you can battle wally again at victory road?

after each victory you get against the pkmn league

How do you level your Pokemon up fast on Emerald?

After you beat the elite 4 you can battle wally at the end of victory road after you beat him exit then enter and his Pokemon will be stronger

Do wally going tobe a champion in Pokemon sapphire?

Wally does not become the champion, but he is in victory road and is pretty powerful

What Pokemon does Wally have in the victory road?

gardevoir, altaria, delcatty, magneton, and Roselia

Where did wally go on sappire?

Wally goes to the Victory Road before you challenge the Elite Four and stays there.

What level should your Pokemon be when you face wally in victory road?

At least level 56-65.

Where do you find Wally in Pokemon Emerald?

once you have helped him catch a ralts he will be at the end of victory road

Where does wally run away to in Pokemon sapphire?

If you mean after you beat the 3rd gym leader (or was it fourth?), he runs away to get stronger. Don't worry, you'll see. When you get to victory road, he'll catch you right before you leave Victory Road, and request a battle. Good luck, cause it's one tricky fight after going all the way through Victory Road.

Where is wally after you beat the elite four?

After you beat the elite four, wally is in the victory road cave, just inside exit. You can still battle him there from time to time.

Where is wally in Pokemon ruby?

Wally will be in Petalburg, when you go to battle your father, Norman. Wally will say he's moving and he wants to talk a Pokemon along. He'll catch the Pokemon Ralts, then he'll return to the gym. You can also find him in verandenturf town, in Wanda's house. He runs off and later on in the game, you can find him on Victory Road, located in Ever Grande City.

Where is Wally after you beat Norman?

Wally is in victory road at the very end his Pokemon levels between 40-45 his Pokemon are his level 45 gardevoir his level 44 altarla his level 43 delcatty and those are Pokemon I can remember so before you go in be sure a fighting type a dragon type or electric and a dark type good luck :)

Where does Wally go After you beat him on victory road?

Wally will occasionally be at the end of victory rode for rematch