Pokemon Red how to get flash?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First you need to catch at least 10 different pokemon (if you catch 1 and evolve it, this will count as 2). Next you need to use cut after Diglett's cave. On route 2, there is a small house with one of Prof. Oak's aides inside. Talk to him, and he'll give you HM with flash in it. Teach this to a pokemon and you'll be able to use flash.

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Q: Pokemon Red how to get flash?
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How do you get the flash technique in Pokemon Red?

At flashy flash flash city

Why does the map flash red on some Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

The place where it flashes is where you can find the Pokemon It would flash blue if it was found in the water

Who can learn flash in pokemon fire red version?

Paris can learn cut and flash

How do you flash hp in red?

bring the pokemon to critical health

What HMS can golbat learn in Pokemon Red?

Fly and Flash.

Where do you learn flash in Pokemon Red?

When you hit level 12 in League of Legends

What pokemon can use flash on pokemon fire red?

Only the electric types. Like Abra and the ters its good for

How do you get through rock tunnel in Pokemon fire red?

Get a Pokemon that can learn flash and put them in your team , teach them flash and go through following the ladders like Mt Moon

How do you get past the rock tunnel in Pokemon fire red version?

Get Flash from a guy a route 2 Get Flash from a guy on route 2

Is there a way to get flash after you have entered cerulean city in Pokemon fire red?

Yes you can't get the HM until you get to vermilion city however if you trade with a friend and that friend gives you a Pokemon that knows flash then you can have flash by the time you reach cerulean city.

Which hm can you use after you defeat the 3rd gym leader in Pokemon fire red?

Flash, I believe.

What pokemon can learn flash in red?

Almost any electricity or fire pokemon, otherwise pretty much only the occasional weaker pokemon. I believe Ratata MIGHT be able to. If you are looking for it for Rock Tunnel there is a guide on for how to get through without Flash.