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Depending on if you have gotten your Pal Pad yet determines when you can see your friend code.

To get your pal pad, walk into any Pokemon center as long as you have your first badge and go to the basement. There a lady behind the counter will register you the item "Pal Pad."

To see your code you must open up your items and go all the way to the key items pocket. Scroll down till you find pal pad then click register or use. Then click "My Friend Code" then vola!

I hoped that helped. If not open up your Pokemon Platinum Instruction booklet that came with the game and see page 42. :]

But you need to log on the Nintendo WFC and I dunno how to do that!!!

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Q: Pokemon Platinum where do you find your friend code?
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How do you find your friend code on Pokemon platinum?

You find your friend code by going in your pal pad, and select (Your name) friend code

How can you find a torchic in Pokemon platinum?

ill trade you one my friend code is 1805 9351 6951

How will you know your Friend code on Pokemon Platinum?

You can find your Friend Code for Pokemon Platinum in your Pal Pad. You can receive the Pal Pad from the PokeCenter by going down the stairs on the left clardyla13:no, been there done that.....wheres my friend code?

Where do you find the pal pad in pokemon platinum?

In your bag towards the main items. youll click it and it'll show you a friend code,register code,your code

Where do you find Pokemon number 138 in platinum?

get an action replay and get a code for that Pokemon

Why can I not put Pokemon Platinum on my AR. I cannot find its game ID. where is it?

i can give you the code for Pokemon platinum it is CPUE-3811DEF6

Where can you find your friend code on Pokemon pearl?

Your friend-code is loacted in the Pal Pad which you can obtaine from the bottom of any Pokemon Center.

How do you get requeza Pokemon platinum?

you have to get an action repay and find a specific code (or cheat)

How do you cause event to get a membership pass in canalave city for Pokemon platinum?

You Either Need To Find An Event, Get The Wonder Card From a Friend Or Use An Action Replay Code.

Where to find galvantula in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot obtain Unova Pokemon in Platinum. But, if you know how to code, it is possible to add Black and White Pokemon into your PokeDex, as well as X and Y.

Where do you find a bulbasour in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find Bulbasaur in Pokemon Platinum. you can only get a Bulbasaur through trading from Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red. You can even use an AR to get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Platinum. Sorry I don't remember the code. Have fun and good luck.

What is the AR code to find Japanese Pokemon?

If it is Pokemon Platinum: 26f9294a 602c81a7 31d194a2 b34e74b3 d2000000 00000000