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Press (a) continuously {start} is automatic faint and yeah that's all ^_^

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Q: Pokemon Pearl wild Pokemon easy capture code?
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What is the Pokemon platinum code for easy capture?

ask pikochu

What is the code to have dawn's Pokemon on Pokemon diamond with the action replay card?

the answer is to get Dawns Pokemon in Pokemon pearl the code have dawns Pokemon for every code you have to put wha you want!!! its sooooo easy!!!

Is there an easy way to catch all Pokemon?

Which type of Pokemon do you have but if you have diamond/pearl you can get the Pokemon modifier cheat code and put it in your action replay

How do you activate easy capture soul silver?

There is no easy capture just luck but for the beginning its easy to catch some pokemon.

Pokemon Pearl easy level up?

Easy play well

What is the shiny Pokemon cheat for diamond or pearl?

its actually pretty easy just go on your actipn replayer click the add code buttun spell shiny Pokemon after that click next then just put this code on and every Pokemon will be shiny. 12068AC6 000046C0

Where do you find the canyon in pokemon pearl?

look on the scren its easy

How do you catch shiny Pokemon with an action replay?

Lets see...How do you capture legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond with Action Replay? Theres a code for Easy Capture, which makes every Pokemon/Pokeball catch rate 100%. There's also codes to re-battle legendary Pokemon

What is an easy way to see all 150 Pokemon on pearl?

By Trading.

Is it easy to catch a Ditto on Pokemon pearl?

Yes use your Pokeradar

What is an Easy cheat to get mew in pearl?

you can buy it from the rare Pokemon store

How do you get miltank in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Hello. I know how to capture Miltank in Pokemon soulsilver So I shall tell you how to. In the log in page there is a box type a code in there and you have him. Easy. But some people do not know that code. So here it is: 2lhy8056iky Do not blame me if it does not work. It worked for me. So. Bye.