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Q: PlayStation 2 cheats for the game Alone in the dark?
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What is the best website to get PlayStation 2 game cheats?

Are there any cheats for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on PlayStation 2?

No, there are no cheats for this game on any platform.

Do you have cheats for PlayStation 2?

Cheat codes can vary from game to game. There are no overall cheat codes for the PlayStation 2. They do make books that list cheat codes for the game on PlayStation 2's.

How do you put feeding frenzy 2 cheats in its game for PC?

sony playstation 2

Can you have kids on the sims two on playstation 2?

no only PC game and no cheats for it either

Is there cheats on the playstation three game legends of WrestleMania?

There are no written something but sex is cool

Where can you find dukes of hazzard cheats that work for a PlayStation 2?

there are no cheats for the game I think. I haven't played it in a while but if there are go to they have every cheat to every game.

Where can you find cheats for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on PlayStation 1?

Website such as Game FAQ's and Game Winners are two options that have cheats for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone on PlayStation. You can also find various walkthroughs on websites such as YouTube.

Which PlayStation game has the most cheats besides grand theft auto?

I don't know really!!!

Is there a Transformers Dark of the Moon Video Game on PlayStation 2?

No it isn't.

What game consoles can a codebreaker be used on?

A codebreaker can be used on a Playstation 1 or Playstation 2. These are basically cheats to help a game player get an advantage over the game or a way to bypass levels that they are having trouble on.

How do you use Game Shark 2 for the original PlayStation?

just insert the disc then choose the cheats then insert the game disc