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Xbox 360 has sold 40 million as of Apr 23 2010 and PS3 has sold 35.7 million or there are only 10% more Xbox 360 owners worldwide than PS3 owners. These figure do not reflect that some owners may own more than one or may own both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. In the United States there are a much greater number of Xbox 360 owners so that is we were to exclude the United States from both figures PS3 has 1- % more owners than the Xbox 360. The figures which will change and increase over time are available on the related links

The current percentage is about 49% to 51% as PS3 continues to reduce the gap created by the 2005 release of Xbox 360. Total Worldwide sales of the PS3 as of Jun 30 2012 is 66.7 million and Xbox 360 is 67.2 million as of April 19 2012. The figures do not reflect the longer life of the PS3 or Xbox 360 selling a low cost 4 GB model There are still many more Xbox 360 users in the USA in spite of the PS3 being the preferred console in the rest of the world

PS3 sales are over 80 Million on November 2 2013 and Xbox 360 sales are listed in Wikipedia as 80 million worldwide as of October 17 2013. Xbox 360 sells way more in the USA than in the rest of the world and the USA is the only location that PS3 sales are lower than Xbox 360 sales. Worldwide they are virtually even

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Q: Percentage of Xbox owners to Ps3 owners?
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