One who is wordy is said to be?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: One who is wordy is said to be?
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When was Wordy Rappinghood created?

Wordy Rappinghood was created in 1981.

What is one word that can replace the wordy phrase in the present time?

Teachers and college instructors expect clear and to the point writing. The phrase "in the present time" is usually written as "at the present time." Either way (in / at), the wording is awkward, wordy, and unnecessary. "In the present time" can be replaced by one word: now. OR it can just be left out. The sun is shining at the present time. The sun is shining now. At the present time, I do not have the book. I do not have the book with me. I do not have the book. He said there were no job openings at the present time. He said there were no job openings now. He said there were no job openings.

When was The Wordy Shipmates created?

The Wordy Shipmates was created in 2008-10.

What is the ISBN of The Wordy Shipmates?

The ISBN of The Wordy Shipmates is 978-1594489990.

How many pages does The Wordy Shipmates have?

The Wordy Shipmates has 272 pages.

Does capricious means wordy?

No, capricious does not mean wordy. Capricious means unpredictable or impulsive, while wordy means using more words than necessary.

If one was described as wordy what would they be?

If someone is wordy they tend to talk more then necessary or use many large words in a conversation. An example of this would be a long-winded speaker.

Are you linguistic if you are wordy?


What is wordy Pictures?

A wordy picture is that when you draw a picture and there is something happening in your picture you have to explain what is happening in the picture.

What is one word for a person who talks a lot starting with w?

"Windy" or "wordy", there aren't many.

Opposite word for concise?

length, wordy...

Nouns that rhyme with sturdy?

dirty wordy purty