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Hi it is belived she didn't have one if she loved her family maybe Don tryed to kiss he but she said no Hi it is belived she didn't have one if she loved her family maybe Don tryed to kiss he but she said no

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Q: What is the family bio for the goth family in sims 2?
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Do young Sims have to go to school on The Sims games?

Yes, young sims have to go to school, on The Sims games. Including The Sims Deluxe Edition, The Sims 2, Pets, and especially The Sims 3. Actually, young sims dont HAVE to go to school. For example, on the Sims PS2 (It's the same as the computer version) I skipped school while playing on the GOTH family in Play the Sims. Although Cassandra (the little girl in the GOTH family) got a C. So I recommend you send them to school.

Can Bella Goth be your roommate on Sims 2 for PSP?

She can be your roommate with Sims 2 for PC or Mac, but I don't know about PSP

How do you get the real Bella Goth on the Sims 2 PC without Sim PE?

Go to Strangetown, pick a family, wait a little while, She is a NPC in Strangetown

Can You Marry Bella Goth?

No, you cannot marry Bella Goth in the classic Sims games. She is already married to Mortimer Goth. However, you may be able to download a mod that allows you to marry Bella in some versions of the game.

Is Bella Goth the owner of Belladonna Cove in the sims 2?

i dont know about that but shes the owner of espritu estate

Can Cassandra Goth Have Babies On The Sims 2?

Yes,just like any other female Sim in the game

On sims 2 castaway after your sims are married what can they do?

Start a Family

Can you celebrate Christmas in the Sims 2?

Yes, but you have to have Sims 2 Holiday Stuff, and Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff, and (optional) Sims 2 Seasons {for snow of course}.

Is Bella goth in Sims 3?

Bella will be in Sims 3 but she is a child and her last name is Bachelor so that is the household she lives in and Mortimer is a child so you can help them meet. Sims 3 is the time before Sims 1 and 2 it's very interesting.

Is where a way of removing family members from a sims family tree on sims 2 PC?

No, you cant remove any of them. The only way to remove a sims from the family though it to kill them.

How many sims can you have in a family in sims 2 freetime?

the same as regular, 8 =)

Do you have to buy Sims 2 to play Sims 2 family fun stuff?

Yes you do, you need it to play on any of the sims 2 PC games