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Yes, you go down to split-screen and play with a buddy ENJOY!!!!

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Q: On the Star Wars battlefront 2 can you play 2 player?
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In which Star Wars battlefront 2 game do you play coruscant city in?

if you mean which star wars battlefront game has the coruscant map it is star wars battlefront 2.

Can you play Star Wars battlefront 2 on xbox 360?

No, only the original Xbox can play Star Wars BattleFront 2.

How do you get a lightsaber on Star Wars battlefront?

On Star Wars Battlefront 1, you can not get a lightsaber. However, you can play as a Jedi or a Sith on Star Wars Battlefront 2, Renegade Squadron, and Elite Squadron.

Can you play star wars battlefront online?

That depends on what system you have it on.

Can you play as Ackleys in Star wars Battlefront 2?


How do you play with a jedi or a sith in Star Wars battlefront 1?

No, you can't be a Jedi or Sith lord in star wars battlefront 1, only in Battlefront 2 which I'm playing right now :)

Did they make Star Wars battlefront 2 for the play tation 3?


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Server?

you can play with people on it SWGO

Can you play Star Wars Battlefront 1 for xbox on xbox360?

yes you can

Can you play a pig in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

yes in hunt

How do you play as a Wookie in Star Wars Battlefront 3?

Very Carefully!

What if Star Wars Battlefront does not let you play multiplayer?

crack the game