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A Guide to Downtown

The Ebil Cow

In the Forests

All About Balloons

The Rainbow Vortex

Party Time

Permanent Marker Instruction Manual

Murders 101

The Misleading Tale

Book of Ancient Black Magic

Book of Love

Dark Matter Facts

Chemistry Textbook

Unorganized Sheets of Music

The Truth About Clowns

Kanis-ship Down

Guide to Constellations

Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Spot Spot!

Yummy Tasty Book of Baking

Monstrous Tales

Poisonous Mushrooms

Rune Reading Kit

Gratitude of the Frog Prince

Gratitude of the Frog Princess

Scroll of Confidence

How To Plant A Tree Kit

Alien Summoning Tablet

Fall Two-Pocket Folder

Winter Two-Pocket Folder

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Q: On subeta what books can you put in your wardrobe?
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How are items moved out of a wardrobe in subeta?

Click the x under the item you want to remove -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or u can also go to the page where you change ur avatars clothes, check them and click remove from wardrobe and the items will go to inventory. ~Seokaren~

Is there any game that is like subeta?

a website that is like subeta is

How do you earn intelligence fo your subeta?

Your pets can gain intelligence by reading books,random events and stat boost items.

How can i go to my wardrobe?

How can I go to my wardrobe, so I can Put my person in clothes!!??

When was subeta created?


How do you crack the safe on subeta?

Its random.

How do you use wizard tokens in subeta?

To get wizard tokens in subeta you first have to play the quests that are given by The Old Wizard and The Oracle. Then you can use the in a few different locations in Subeta like The Fair Grounds, Blackheart Hollow and the Token Shop.

What is subeta?

Subeta is a website ( or that is geared towards users ages 13 and over. It is a virtual pet website, which means that the main point of the site is owning virtual pets. But with Subeta, as is with many other pet websites, that is not the only thing a user can do. Here is a description of what you can do on this site, straight from one of its users. ;3The BasicsThe first thing you do after you register your account on Subeta is choose a pet. Pets are the basis of the site, obviously, and there are many breeds of pets you can choose from. Take your pick, it doesn't cost anything! But be aware, when making a name for it, that you can't change its name. You can have up to 5 pets (there are ways to have more, but that comes later).Money in real life can be hard to get, and it is the same for Subeta. The currency used on the site is called SubetaPoints, abbreviated by users as sP (or SP). The main way most beginners get sP is by playing games. Subeta does not have a very wide selection of games as of yet. They can't get you that much money, but hey, they can get you some. The second and probably most common way throughout all of Subeta of getting money is restocking. This means buying from shops and reselling for higher in your user shop. Didn't mention that, did I? Yeah, you get the opportunity to make 4 shops in total. You can convert them to galleries at any time, which means that the items are no longer for sale, but are for your personal collections. Anyway, back to making money: you buy items from one of Subeta's Main Shops (there is a link to it on the Subeta sidebar, and it includes shops for clothes, food for your pets, and items that have no point whatsoever). You use your sP to buy items that are worth more in the user shops (you check how much an item is selling for in user shops via the "Search Shops" link on your sidebar. If it costs more in user shops, buy it from the main shops, and sell it for more in your own shop. There are other ways of making money, too, but those are for another time. New to Subeta? The site tour can be helpful for beginning users.What can you do?There are things to do besides own pets, feed them, and play with them. I mean, there has to be, right? This site has a great community and interesting activities you can participate in.One of the major pastimes of many users is making Human Avatars (abbreviated as HAs). The HA system is very similar to dollmakers, where you have a base that is the same for everyone (can be switched between male and female, obviously), and you make changes to that. Skin tone, Hair style, hair color, eye style, eye color, facial expression (mouth), and nose style can be changed. Then, you can buy clothes from any of several places on Subeta, and add them to your Wardrobe. After that, you can go to your wardrobe and make almost any combination of the clothes you have bought, and the HA that you created earlier wears these clothes. You can choose two items from each layer for your HA to wear at one time.Want to try it out? Here's something that even people without accounts on Subeta can use:SubetaHQ's Wardrobe:'s a simulation of the Subeta Wardrobe that lets you use every possible item that exists on Subeta (that is available for use on HAs, that is). It's free and fun!Other things people do on Subeta include roleplaying their pets, battling with their pets, playing some of the more competitive games, doing quests, joining cults ,participating in the Subetan Stock Market, collecting certain types of items, chatting, writing in their journals (you are provided a journal to rant, complain, brag, etc. in, as well!), and more. To chat with people who are doing these things you can simply head to the Subeta Forums.Paying PerksSubeta is a free site. However, if you would like certain perks, you can make the choice to pay for using the site with real USD (United States Dollars). This is called getting a Gold Account (GA). When you pay (it only costs $5 per month), you get sent an item called a Gold Account Medal. You can then choose the option to "use" the item, which then makes you a GA User. This means you get extra pet slots (up to 10) and you get to use a special forum, too. There are more things, including a trophy you get, and a full list can be viewed here: Gold Accounts. Also, you can choose to buy items from the Subeta Cash Shop via the Donation Items link. The items in that section change from time to time. But what is good about all of this is, if you do not have the money or cannot use Paypal, people sell the items they get (which includes GA Medals!) for sP in the Trades section.That's it!Now, you can go sign up with Subeta or try out SubetaHQ's Wardrobe simulation!Subeta Main Page: www.subeta.wsSubetaHQ's Wardrobe: fun!

What are some virtual pet sites like subeta powerpets gopets and neopets?

Furzies is a new site out that hasn't long launched and they are still adding to it. Its so great.www.furzies.comcreatureworld.neticepets.commarapetskuepetssorpilandpony starssonnexpetsgiropetsveropetsvenetopiakiropetsfurrypawsIchumonmrtiki.comteripets.comNeurogalaxy is the closest thing I can think of to Subeta. They're considered Subeta's 'sister.'---------------------neopets but as said above Neurogalawy is the closest to Subeta especially because Keith (Subeta's site owner)just bought the website not to long ago.------Aywas

How do you make a house on subeta?

You can't.There is no house feature on Subeta because Keith and the users don't see any use for your pet to have a house.

Are there any fun websites like subeta?


What is a wardrobe home?

A wardrobe is a piece of furniture that you can put in your room or closet to put all of your clothing in while you aren't wearing it. It's a storage thing.