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It takes 30 minutes for a corrupt item to turn into dust.

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Q: On runescape how long does it take for a courupt dragon med helm to turn into dust?
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What is the difference between H2 and 2h?

H2, on Runescape may be a herald number e.g Rune Helm (h2) or Black Kite Shield ( h2 ) where as 2h means 2-handed, as in Dragon 2h sword, meaning Dragon two handed Sword.

How do you make a full dragon helmet in runescape?

It is impossible to make any dragon item or weapon with smithing except the dragon platebody and the dragon sq shield, and even that is combining rare drops to make the item. The only way to obain a dragon full helm is to either buy one in the grand exchange for a lot of money. Or kill Mithril Dragons which is a level 304 monster in the barbarian dungeon. It is a very rare drop.

Where do you get the draconic visage from in runescape?

There are 3 Way(s) you can get a Draconic Visage:-1st Way-Killing the King Black Dragon or a regular black dragon ( Rare Drop ).-2nd Way- ( Best )Killing the Mithril Dragon, ( Rare Drop ) also drops Dragon Full Helm ( V Rare Drop )-3rd Way- ( Easiest )Buying it off another player, either in the grand exchange, or on world 2.

What is the runescape armor order from worst to best?

BronzeIronSteelBlackMithrilAdamantRuneCorrupt Dragon ***NEW ITEM***DragonBarrowsYou missed out Corrupted! its the best non-Member armor in RS! Although you dont get much (Chain B-, Med-Helm-, Plate L-, Plate S-, Sq-Shield, Etc.) As I said before DON'T FORGET ABOUT ""Corrupt Dragon""...OR ELSE!!

What level in runescape to wear the helm of neitiznot?

I believe the only requirement is 55 defence. You have gotta finish "The Fremennik Isles" quest too.

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What is the best helmet to buy on RuneScape?

sara full helm not mem and dragon full helm i think

Do level 128 ghosts in the wilderness drop dragon full helms on runescape?

No, level 128 ghosts that are in the RuneScape wilderness will not drop Dragon Full Helms. The only RuneScape monster that drops the Dragon Full Helm is the Mithril Dragon which has a combat level of 178 and drops the helm as a "very rare" drop.

What are the chances of getting a dragon full helm from funeral prye in runescape?


In runescape what are the chances of getting a dragonic visage from the king black dragon?

Same Chances of getting a Dragon Full Helm from a Mithril Dragon.

How do you fix dragon med helm deg?

The corrupt dragon helm only lasts for 30 min, after which it will crumble to dust. There is no way to repair it so use it wisely.

What are the chances of getting a dragon full helm from the pyre ships in runescape?

Quite slim, but you still can get from them.

Runescape how to get full dragon?

buy it, kill steel drags for legs and mith drags for full helm

On runescape what parts do you need to make up a set?

You need these 4 items. A platebody, helm, shield, legs or skirt. For dragon armor it's different they don't include the helm

On runescape should you get bandos chest plate with verac helm and dragon legs or bandos godsword with verac helm and brassy and d legs?

for me defently bandos chestplate but instead of d legs and verac helm i would choose helm of neitiznot bandos chestplate and torag legs or you could use dragon legs your choice but sefently chestplate.

RuneScape good armor for bounty world?

Black Dragonhide with torag helm if you arching.Melee wear just full rune and dragon scimmage full mystic.

Are there any helms on RuneScape that look like the Berserker Helm and is not a quest item?

Not really, though one that don't req a quest would be Dragon Medium.

What is the best helmet you can get on runescape if your defense is level 60?

Technically It's a Dragon Full Helm, but only if you've got that kind of money, if you're looking for something cheaper, then a Dragon Med is your best choice