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Answer: yes, you can still help people do shield of arrav/heroes quest even if u have done it before.

Answer: No. I tried to help, but I can't repeat the required steps, to get the half-shield, after finishing the quest.

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Q: On runescape can you help someone on the shield of arrav if you have completed it?
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You are in the middle of shield of arrav in runescape and lost your shield?

If it is the shield that your gang had you can simply go back and get it. But if it was the other gangs shield you need to get someone to get you it.

During the Shield Of Arrav quest on Runescape who is the friend you use to get the Phonex crossbows?

The friend is any person that has completed or is working on shield of arrav, and has the weapon store key, that requires being part of the Phoenix gang.

Where is the phoenix gangs half of the shield in the shield of arrav quest on runescape?

it is in a chest in the pheanix gangs hideout

You are in the middle of shield of arrav in runescape and lost half of the shield can you get it back?

Yes. You just simply go back to where you found the shield and get it.

Runescape shield of arrav locked door?

You are either on the Phoenix, or the black arm gang when u started the quest. you need someone from the opposite quest, for more info. goto click quests then search shield of arrav for a step to step guide.

Runescape shield of arrav quest walkthrough?

I have placed a link below in the "Related Links" section that should take you directly to a guide for this quest.

How do you Complete Shield Of Arrav On RuneScape?

shield of arrav, if you are at the part where you need to find a partner, then try to go to world 100 (quest group world) and go to ge and search for people that you can interact with. have fun =D

Shield of Arrav quest on Runescape?

look these thing up people -.-

Will anybody give you a crossbow for free on runescape?

you can get a phoenix crossbow for free if you are doing the shield of arrav quest

How can you get the certificate fo shield of arrav again?

you should check out the quest guide on some runescape help sites.

Is it possible to complete shield of arrav on your own?

No. Sheild of Arrav is specifically a 2-person quest. You *need* someone else to do it with, because you cannot join both gangs (unfortunately).

Where is the book shield of Arrav?

in the varock library