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To defeat Melody Pianissima you must first play (press A while next to) all the instruments in the room (excluding the piano). Once all the instruments are playing walk up to her, and she will appear. She will then play 1 of 2 songs and ask you a question about it. The correct answers are "Water" and "Super Mario Bros. 3", so pick whichever one you see. She will then get mad and summon her music sheets, which you must suck up. When you've sucked up her music sheets, you can vacuum her.

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Q: On luigi mansion how do you beat the piano ghost?
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What ghost do you beat after the shower ghost in Luigi's mansion?

After the shower ghost, you will be given a key to the ballroom. You need to beat several small ghosts by taking off their masks with the vacuum and then vacuum them all. Then a ghost couple will start dancing in the room and then you need to beat them.

Where to go after you beat the dancers in Luigi's mansion?


What do you do when you get to the grave yard on Luigi's mansion?

when you beat the skelathons go to the blue grave and you will see a ghost use the ghost that look like him and fire them at him.then you will see his heart suck him up with out being hit by his copies

Where is the washing room in Luigi's Mansion?

you will find it after you beat 15 ghosts

How do you get the power go out in Luigi's Mansion?

Beat boolussus and lightning cuts the power

How do you beat the first person in area 3 in Luigi's Mansion?

check the link.

How do you catch the big ghost in the dining room of luigis mansion?

You vacuum up one of the black ghosts, turning it into a ball that you can shoot with your vacuum. Shoot the ball at the purple ghost, who teleports around a lot, but stays near the edges of the stage. The ball will get stuck to the purple ghost. Now you can start vacuuming him. Repeat until you have depleted all of his health.

How do you beat uncle grimmly in luigi's mansion?

turn around and wait for your Q to suck him up

Where is the key to the twins room in luigi's mansion?

in some rooms by beating a lot of ghosts and making the light come on. sometimes its money and sometimes its just one big ghost

How do you beat luigi circuit fast ghost?

Do the spear (a bike for the big people) and wheelie a whole lot.

How do you beat graveyard boss in luigis mansion?

Suck up a Shadow Ghost until it becomes a ball and shoot it at the real ghost then you can suck it up!

How do you beat the dancing couple in Luigi's mansion?

You face away from them and wait for them to bow to each other, then shine your light at them to stun them. Then you can suck 'em up!