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You have to buy a barn. After that you can buy a cow. For chickens you must buy a chicken coop.

You can also get a horse, dog, cat, and pig. You get 2 colour choices for each animal.

You get the horse by raising Mirabelle's friendship to 5000 points.

You get the dog by raising your animal degree to 5000 points.

You get the cat by spending 30,000 G at Mirabelle's shop.

You get the pig by shipping 100 mushrooms from Mushroom Island, then going to the island the next day between 6:00AM and 5:00PM

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Q: On harvest moon sunshine islands NDS how do you get animals?
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Can you have babies in harvest moon sunshine islands?

You can have one child in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Island. He/She will remain a toddler forever.

IS Harvest Moon sunshine islands the same as Harvest Moon islands of happiness?

No similar but different game, characters, concept.

What is the Harvest Moon Sunshine Island game ID?

The game ID code for Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands is YB3E-AEFCB055

How do you get seeds in harvest moon sunshine islands?

You purchase them from Chen.

How do you get animals in harvest moon sunshine islands?

You first have to get Gannon to build a barn/chicken coop. After the building is finished, the animals will be for sale in Mirabelle's shop.

Can you have children in Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands if you playing as a girl?


In harvest moon sunshine islands how do you get the harvest goddess festival?

You have to have the church which in on the west side of the island.

What Harvest Moon DS game should I get?

harvest moon sunshine islands it's a really good game i love it !

Is Harvest moon Sunshine Islands similar to Harvest moon Tree of Tranquility?

They both take place on an island but that's kind of all. They have different animals and different goals, and different islands and characters. Hope I helped. -WPrincess Luv

Where can you buy harvest moon sunshine islands?

Ebay would be your best bet

How do you get money on Harvest Moon sunshine islands?

Place items in the shipment bins.

What is the fourth pet you can have in harvest moon sunshine islands?

You can get a Dog, Cat, Horse, and Pig as pets in Sunshine Island.