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you get the purple puffle and click on it then click on a grey black weight and it will hammer the statue then click on the white puffle and then statue and your finished.

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Q: On ds club penguin herberts revenge how do you hammer the stature?
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Where do you get the hammer and nails on club penguin?

You cant get a hammer unless you are playing a level

Where is the Jack hammer on Club Penguin?

The jack hammer is obtainable from parties sometimes.

On club penguin mission 8 where is the hammer?


How do you get a hammer on club penguin mission 8?

Go to the gadget room and take the hammer on the wall

On Club Penguin what do you put the net with?

nails and a hammer i think

Where do you find the green jack hammer in club penguin?

In the ice cave

Where is the jackhammer in club penguin not in the epf mission?

on club penguin all u have to do for thejack hammer is dance and it will appear in your hands

Where is the paper in club penguin mission 9?

In the HQ, there's a rubber duck, a wooden hammer, and to the left of the wooden hammer is the paper.

It it true if you hammer on the icebreg it will tip on club penguin?

yes i have seen it be done by a purple penguin with a jackhammer but it took a couple hours

What actors and actresses appeared in Revenge of the Nail - 2009?

The cast of Revenge of the Nail - 2009 includes: Bill Grady as Man With Hammer Zach Schippani as Man With Nail

Club Penguin ruby and the ruby?

A Club Penguin play about a woman who lost her ruby jewel and gets help from Detective Jaque Hammer to find it.

In club penguin mission 8 where is the hammer?

The hammer (that looks more like a mallet,) is in the HQ (or possibly the gadget room,) hanging on the wall in front of G.