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you have to play it to become a ninja. that is where you get the colors.

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Q: On clubpenguin how to be a ninja without playing cardjutsu?
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How do you get into the ninja hideout without being a ninja on clubpenguin?

use the ultimate CPTRAINER

Who is ninja o dark?

Ninja O Dark is a very famous ninja on clubpenguin

What is a password to be a ninja on clubpenguin?

The internet

What can a ninja on clubpenguin do?

They can turn invisible.

On clubpenguin is there a hidden item in the ninja catalog?


How do you become a ninja on clubpenguin with a white belt only?

I say you should check on google. Or Or . Write down How to become a ninja on clubpenguin

On clubpenguin what can you do with the white belt?

you cant do anything until you be a ninja, then u can go in the ninja hideout!!

On clubpenguin can you work up to be a snow ninja or a water ninja?

You can only work up to be a fire ninja and a water ninja not a snow ninja. but soon they will have a snow ninja -Thank You

How do you get the trick master stamp on clubpenguin?

first become a ninja

Can you have a clubpenguin ninja account?

No You can not! But, you can make a clubpneguin account and become a ninja with the new card-jitshu game on it!

How do you turn invisible on clubpenguin when you are not a ninja?

you cant you have to be a ninja then go to the ninja hideout and be a member and buy cloud wave bracer then wear them with ninja suit and mask then wave

How do you become invisible on clubpenguin?

Buy the ninja outfit then press "dance"