On aveyond 2 how do you remove curses?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you need to use witch eye root from Casket Hill

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Q: On aveyond 2 how do you remove curses?
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What is a similar game to Aveyond?

Ugh.......Aveyond 2! ~BlazingTorchick Ahriman's prophecy and Bipo Mystery of the Red Panda are similar as well. Starting June 3rd, Aveyond 3 will be available to buy and download.

Is there a hack trainer for aveyond 2?

unfortunately, there's none. but there are goodie caves though.

Where is curses and counter curses in Pottermore?

Curses and Countercurses is in Chapter 12, Moment 2 (Christmas at Hogwarts), lying on the bench.

How do you get daemeon in Aveyond?

He atomatically joins you

Where do you find the warthogs wife in aveyond 2?

Go to bogwood where the witches are and the witch in front of the stage where mimpsy mara is will be there

Download full version of aveyond FREE?


How do you get a shovel in Aveyond?

go help the witch and shell give it to you

Is aveyond the best RPG 'computer' game of all time?

Aveyond is a good independent RPG with very minor problems. It is not, however, the best RPG 'computer' game of all time.

Where do you get the wax in aveyond?

You need to get a smoke-bomb from the little kitty village :) and then go through the cave in aveyond until you have found the beehive (it's not actual in the cave but to access it you need to go thought it)

What are the release dates for The League of S-T-E-A-M- - 2010 Curses 2-2?

The League of S-T-E-A-M- - 2010 Curses 2-2 was released on: USA: 1 March 2012

How can you hack Aveyond 1 to get its graphics?

You SHOULD not hack it is BAD ok

How do you find the four curses in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for PlayStation 2?

A detailed walkthrough can be found at Game FAQ's which will allow you to find the curses.