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in a chest in the big manur house you buy in cender

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Q: Where do you find the speed crystal in aveyond 1?
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How can you hack Aveyond 1 to get its graphics?

You SHOULD not hack it is BAD ok

The speed of the CPU is determined by?

microprocessor's speed is determined by its clock rate. is normally determined by the frequency of an oscillator crystal . Typically a crystal oscillator produces a fixed sinusoidal waveform.

How do you Crystal Snail's damage data?

Yes. Crystal Snail Weak Against Magnet Mine. ==Mega Man X2 in Damage Chart== *X-Buster - 1:3 *Strike Chain - 1:2 *Silk Shot - 1:2 *Speed Burner - 1:2 *Magnet Mine - 6:10 *Sonic Slicer - 1:2 *Bubble Splash - 1:2 *Spin Wheel - 1:2 *Crystal Hunter - 1

Where do you get Focus Punch in Crystal?

You cannot find Focus Punch in Crystal. Focus Punch was introduced in Pokemon Ruby/ Sapphire. Focus punch is TM 1 in Ruby/Sapphire.

Where do you find the ingredients for a mythril crystal on Kingdom Hearts 2?

The ingredients for the Mythril Crystal are:1 Dense Crystal (Berserker - The World That Never Was)3 Dense Gems (Samurai - The World That Never Was)1 Twilight Crystal (Sorcerer - The World That Never Was)3 Twilight Gems (Assassin - The World That Never Was)The locations shown are where these Nobodies are commonly found in.

How do you get the 10 karma points in aveyond 2?

First, you have to donate at all of the goddess statues. If you steal from them, then you can get extra karma points by:=1. Helping the warthog find a wife and turn into a human again.==2. Restoring Great Grandma Nora to her younger self on Casket Hill.==Hope this helps! ^_^=

Where do you find Sora's ultimate weapon?

In both games, you have to synthesize it. In Kingdom Hearts, you need: * 5 Lucid Gem * 5 Power Gem * 5 Thunder Gem * 3 Mystery Goo * 3 Gale In Kingdom Hearts 2, you need: * 13 Orichalcum+ * 1 Orichalcum * 1 Mythril Crystal * 1 Dense Crystal * 1 Twilight Crystal * 7 Serenity Crystal As well as the Ultimate Recipe, which is found in the Mansion at Twilight Town.

How tall is Crystal the Monkey?

Crystal the Monkey is 1' 7".

How tall is Crystal Yager?

Crystal Yager is 5' 1".

How many crystal caves are there?

There is only 1 crystal cave.

How do you find the speed of the DVD drive?

1.The drive speed is written on the packeging box. 2.Install Nero then you can check your drive speed and you can set drive speed also.

How do you find the time given only the distance and the initial and final velocity?

Average speed = 1/2 (initial speed + final speed) Time = (distance)/(average speed)