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Your question confuses me. Are you talking about the starter leader or to get other leaders. If you want another, you have to rank up a monster. There are two ways to rank a non-leader monster. One is to battle and win and the other is to be face-up on the field. If your talking about leader abilities, those come with ranks.

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Q: On Yugioh duelists of the roses how do you get a leader if you want to make a new deck?
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Which deck leaders have the hidden ability to find cards in yugioh duelists of the roses?

zombie monsters have the hidden ability

What name should you use to get a powerful mountain deck on Yugioh duelists of the roses for ps2?

I think that the name dragon is an alright deck choice but that is just me

What does DC level stand for in yu gi oh duelists of the roses?

DC stands for Deck Cost

In yugioh the duelist of the roses how do you make the letters in the passwords into lower case?

You are to go to deck press l3 then press r3 3 times!

In yu-gi-oh the duelists of the roses what does it mean exceeds the dc level and how do i fix it?

Every card in "Duelist of the roses" has a value # depending on how rare/powerful it is. Once your deck is finished, the total of all the card values is your deck level. You can only duel opponents that have an equal or higher dc level than yours

How do you get fusion cards to normal summon in Yugioh duelists of the roses like meteor b dragon black skull dragon or blue eyes ultimate dragon?

As long as you have he two cards for the fusion you have to play someone with that monster and kill it. Graveyard slot now does notmatter go back to your deck construction and reincarnate the tougher of the two or three fusion cards. This will get you the fusion card you are looking for

How do you make a Ritual Monster your Deck Leader in Duelist of the Roses?

Sorry but you can't seeing how its a magic card.

What do you think of my yu-gi-oh deck?

Well what is your yugioh deck?

Rules of yugioh?

Go to to learn the rules. You can also get a rulebook in each structure deck and a "beginner's guide" in each starter deck.

Are all yu gi oh starter decks the same?

It depends on what type of starter deck e.g. Yugioh 5ds, Yugioh GX, Yugioh!

Is Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists of the Roses fun and not as hard like some other Yu Gi Oh games... Can you tell me some detail about this game... should I buy it?

Duelist of the roses is a fun game overall, but is a lot different then your typical yugioh games. First of all the rules are different as you monsters, spells and traps across a board similarly to chess and you have a deck leader which represents your life points which is similar to the king piece in chess. Overall duelist of the roses is one of the most hardest yugioh games created, without cheating by entering passwords or using gameshark, at the beginning all of the opponents you face have monsters with much greater attack points then yours, making it impossible to win by force. This can be really frustrating as its near impossible to trap your opponents deck leader as every monster he summons is stronger then yours. As well its really difficult to obtain better cards in this game as you only gain 3 random cards from your opponents graveyard after a duel. Its a fun game to try with great monster battling sequences but as for myself I could never really get into it as I felt it was to hard of a game with what feels like little reward for your effort.

How can you build a competitive and fast Yugioh warriors deck?

Get the warriors triumph structure deck and improve from there.