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It depends on what type of starter deck e.g. Yugioh 5ds, Yugioh GX, Yugioh!

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Q: Are all yu gi oh starter decks the same?
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How rare is copycat in Yu-Gi-Oh?

You can get it in common, From one of the starter decks I think.

Where can you buy Yu-Gi-Oh starter decks?

Walmart, Target, and official tournament stores(see for details)

How much are the Yu-Gi-Oh zombie madness starter decks?

It be worth as much as $40.00 to $90.00 because it has amazing cards and because it is very rare.

What is the difference between a starter deck and a structure deck on Yu-Gi-Oh?

well, the starter decks are designed so that you can start dueling right away- literally just opening the box and playing. but the structure decks on the other hand, are basically "structures" for decks. as in, you buy the deck, and the deck is play-able by itself, but with the right cards added into it, the deck could be a lot stronger.

In yu-gi-oh what decks do you get the Egyptian gods in?

you cant get them in any decks but maybe some packs

What are good yu-gi-oh decks?

The best are dinosaur decks and dragon decks. P.S Dragon decks are better Dragon decks are the best. AKA: divine beast decks kill but 1 in a trillion use them.)

Where do you get yu-gi-oh play mats?

in the beginner decks

Is there a Yu Gi Oh version aside from gx?

5D Yu-Gi-Oh Packs + Decks

How do you unlock structure decks on Yu-Gi-Oh 2010?

You must beat any "Structure duelist" with ALL structure decks. The structure decks are unlocked one at a time randomly. I think u just have to keep battling in WC mode to unlock them all.

Is there a somekind of Yu-Gi-Oh deck that comes with 3 blue eyes white dragon?

No, none of the current Structure or Starter decks come with 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

What is the Starter Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Just like it's name suggests, starter decks are for kids that are new to the game. Once you become a better duelist, you can then make your own deck to duel with. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

How to build a good Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Well there are a lot of ways to make excellent decks in Yu-Gi-Oh; you can make an arch-type deck, you can make a same attribute or type deck, or even just a deck of monsters with similar effects. The most important guideline for making decks in Yu-Gi-Oh is to have cards that cover everything.